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Karola Pezarro & Aris de Bakker

TAKE A MOMENT for Horizons Arts-Nature en Sancy, France. Picture by Ludovic Combe. Favorite of the public 2018! Coup de coeur du public 2018!


The body of work of Akunzo (Karola Pezarro & Aris de Bakker) consists mostly of ephemeral, site-specific projects, in which natural materials are used. The projects of Akunzo have a strong commitment to the environment. They are a reflection on the site or the history of the site, or have to do with the concern about the future of the planet. Akunzo usually uses natural materials from the vicinity of the site such as earth, branches, shells or seeds and they add unnatural elements related to the subject of the work. The projects are multi-interpretable and sometimes with a little humor. The artworks often prove to be a landmark and in many cases visitors can enter the work. The experiences of the observers are important to Akunzo, among others, that the visitors get an new view on their environment and can givetheir own meaning to it, and maybe become more aware of their relation to the landscape.